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Do you need electrical work done for your commercial business? Maybe you’ve been looking online for a “commercial electrician near me” in order to get new lighting installed. Or, maybe you’re searching for a commercial electrician in order to get an electrical remodel. Whether you need work done for your office, store, or apartment complex, RTJ Electric’s commercial electrical contractors can help. We strive to provide quality commercial electrician services at a fair price throughout the Forrest, IL area. Whether you need an entirely new system installed or you’d simply like a remodel, we can help. Call today for your free estimate!

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Commercial Electrical Contractors

Commercial electrical contractors can typically tackle construction, remodels, and repairs for most commercial buildings. Sometimes they may design and wire an entirely new electrical system. Other times, they may simply handle the wiring for something like a refrigeration unit or the lighting. Whenever your building needs electrical work done, it’s important to find a reliable commercial electrician. By working with experts in the field, you can rest assured that you won’t experience complications further down the line.

At RTJ Electric, our commercial electrical contractors have been in the business since 2014, and our company has only grown from there. We pride ourselves on being a small company that offers big company value. Because of this, you’ll receive both personalized attention and quality electrical work. We have the experience and ability to wire any commercial building you may have. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Condominium Complexes

We strive to give our clients quality service for a fair price. So, if you’re looking for a top commercial electrician near Forrest, IL, then call us today for a free consultation and estimate.


Commercial Electrician Near Me

If you’re searching for a “commercial electrician near me,” you might have run into snags. If you hire a larger company, they may just see you as “another client.” They have the experience to finish the job correctly but may be dismissive of you, and likely won’t be invested in your business. But if you hire a smaller company for their personal touch, they won’t always have the expertise to make sure the system’s working properly.

That’s what makes RTJ Electric so unique. We’re a small company but have years of experience behind us. We’re intimately familiar with the ins-and-outs of the business and so can make sure your project goes smoothly. And we can give you the attention and care you wouldn’t get from much larger companies. You won’t need to search for another “commercial electrician near me” ever again! If you need a commercial electrician near Forrest, IL or the following areas, then please give us a call:

  • Champaign, IL
  • Mahomet, IL
  • Fairbury, IL
  • Chatsworth, IL
  • Dwight, IL
  • Livingston County, IL
  • McLean, IL

Commercial Electrician Services

Finding quality commercial electrician services is incredibly important when dealing with a commercial building. This is where you and your employees will be spending a significant amount of time. Additionally, if your company relies on a good electrical system to function, you don’t want to cut any corners. That’s why it’s important to find a good commercial electrician to handle installation or repair for your business.

If your company needs commercial electrician services near Forrest, IL, then make sure you contact RTJ Electric. Whether you need an installation, remodel, or maintenance and repair, our team of licensed commercial electricians can handle the project. Get in touch today for a free estimate and consultation. We would love to discuss your project and help you receive the service you deserve.


Commercial Electrical


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Condominium Complexes

If your business relies on electricity to operate, ensure that you get the best system from the most skilled commercial electricians in Illinois; contact RTJ Electric. 

Hire Commercial Electrical Contractors Near Me

If you’re looking to contract electricians to perform an install on commercial building, or if your business’ electrical system needs maintenance/repair, RTJ electric’s team of licensed commercial electricians can get the job done well for a fair price. 

We are based in Forrest, Illinois and we operate in the surrounding towns, including Fairbury, Chatsworth, Dwight, Livingston County, McLean, Champaign and others in the area. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate and we’ll get your project going as soon
as possible. 

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